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S2S Success Stories

S2S Success Stories: Welcome


The girl who brought our founders together, DiDi was in two RI municipal shelters at different times and eventually found her way forever home with the first team support of Jacqueline & Melissa- now known as S2S!! 

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From in-Shelter Support to S2S Suite foster, Frog made his way forever home and even became an S2S foster brother!

S2S Success Stories: About


Fearful Fievel blossomed through each stage of our programs before joining his former Sofa Suite roommate in his new home!

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After 5 homes in 5 years, Gucci is finally forever home!

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From kennel puppy to couch big boy, Jaxon has learned all the skills to live his best life!

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Having bounced around, Vinny was looking for a family to love. He got his very own little girl and a dad to take him to work each day! Jackpot

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Municipal shelter to rescue facility to Sofa Suite foster dog to home sweet home, this boy now has his own doggie sister and grandkids to play with!

S2S Success Stories: About


As a stray, Annie waited months to be adopted. After finding herself returned to the shelter, this sweet girl needed some support to find her forever family. S2S was happy to help her with field trips, walks, enrichment supplies and even Sofa Suite play dates & sleepovers until her forever family found her and brought her home.

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Sweet, soulful and scared. Lexi hid in her kennel until daily S2S support & encouragement brought her out of her kennel and her shell. Those eyes helped this sweet girl work her way into the Sofa Suites until she met her perfect match and rode into the sunset with her Mama.

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Leaving the only home he'd ever known, Ghost was too afraid to show shelter staff his good side. Beginning with a stop in our Sofa Suites, Ghost moved on to a foster home with S2S alumni Frog and Fievel. Foster dad took Ghost to work with him where he met his forever Mama!

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RI Teamwork at its finest here! Diamond was transferred from a municipal shelter stray to a private shelter with a whelping foster-once it was discovered she was pregnant!-then onto her forever home. We met her at her first stop and helped her every step of the way!

S2S Success Stories: About

Roscoe Jenkins

This nervous boy came to his local municipal shelter after being taken from a neglect situation with terrible skin and no medical care in his history.
We supported him to help him heal medically before taking him into the Sofa Suites to experience safety in a home setting. He blossomed beautifully and proved to be incredibly dog social, going to his new home to build the confidence of two senior dogs-also recently adopted from a separate medical neglect situation. Talk about Guardian Angel adopters!!

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Stray, sensitive social media stunner, Sofa Success story!

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Another shelter hopper, Maverick began at a municipal shelter where we got him out on field trips, brought him toys and enrichment items. Eventually he was transferred to a private shelter and quickly scooped up! We were ready for his family, and sent him home with supplies, support and lots of love for him and his people!

S2S Success Stories: About


Finn, a shelter born puppy, suffered the in-utero stress that leads to future issues. Lucky for him, he landed in a seasoned foster home with another dog who helped him learn the ropes. 
Eventually, he hooked his mom with that adorable face and it was meant to be. We stepped in to support his mom with Transition Training and supplies to help Finn-tastic become his best self!

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Good golly, miss Molly! This young, spunky girl waited for a clean bill of health before she could be spayed and made available for adoption.
It was love at first sight when she met her canine companion, and she was a part of the new family right away.
Some transition support allowed Molly to learn better ways to handle her excitement in seeing other dogs on walks and her parents are now confident handlers and proud parents.

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It's amazing how many different ages and breeds you'll find in city shelters. Flapjack, a purebred German Shepard puppy, was picked up as a stray and never claimed.
Due to Covid closures, he found himself in a shelter that was closed to the public and not processing adoptions. 
Lucky for him, a rescue pulled him out and we took him into the Sofa Suites for foster. Fostering truly does save lives!
Flapjack was a big puppy and had some learning to do, but by the time his Mom adopted him he was the role model for his dog sister! Shelter to Sofa Success Story for sure!

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Earl Grey

After being adopted from one municipal shelter 5 years before-through one of our founders- poor Earl found himself in another shelter in another town after his family was no longer able to care for him. Thanks to networking within the shelter system, Earl was recognized by his ACO and we learned he was back in need of support.

Earl reminds us of the resilience of dogs-he greeted us with a wag and a smile when we visited him, enjoyed our field trips & photo shoots, and went happily home to a farm filled with animals, a loving mom and even a chihuahua brother! Shelter Dogs Rock!

S2S Success Stories: About


Once adopted from a private shelter, Coco was in need of another home when her family went through some life changes. 

Coco didn't do well in the kennel setting, and we hoped to avoid seeing her there again after years of home life. Luckily we were able to find her a foster family to take her in while she waited for her people to find her... Little did any of us know, Coco was already home!

After only a short time settling into foster life, she stole their hearts and they made it official. Foster to Forever!

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Lil Lola was a teeny, scared baby in her shelter kennel. Her fear kept her from being seen by potential adopters, so she came to the Sofa Suites to gain some confidence. 

She found a playmate in a fellow Sofa Seeker and out came her wild child personality! Playful, goofy, cuddly and sweet as candy once she was comfortable being herself, Lola found herself a home and a BFFL in short order.

Lola's story is exactly why we do this work! Shelters can't do everything all on their own, and we love to help them help their dogs.

S2S Success Stories: About


Nala waited a VERY long time to find her forever. She was timid of body handling and sometimes nervous being surprised by people in the shelter environment. 

Staff worked tirelessly on her body handling & keeping her happy while she waited

and asked us to help her get more confident in the outside world. With us, she had field trips and photo shoots. She made friends and showed us more about herself. 

Finally, her people filled out an application and everyone knew-this is it. It was love at first sight for everyone and Nala's last field trip with us became her Gotcha Day! After losing their beloved boy of 13 wonderful years, Nala came along and is mending the hurting hearts of her new family with her gigantic smile and endless love. 

S2S Success Stories: About


Sweet & scared Bella found herself in a shelter, surrendered and pregnant. After giving birth in the shelter and caring for her puppies there, it was her turn. But where were her people?

After waiting far too long, Bella's

forever family came along and gave her everything she needed to thrive. She is finally living the life she always deserved, Sofa Secure.

S2S Success Stories: Welcome


Cassius had a difficult start to life, like so many of our Sofa Seekers. Bouncing from homes to shelters and back again, his insecurities were magnified each time he was let down.

Finally, a rescue group stepped up to give Cassius all he deserved, and we helped them help him! Learning that people could be good and worth trusting one at a time, we changed his perspective on what life could be.

Now he is the center of his parents' world and happier than he could've ever imagined! 

S2S Success Stories: Welcome
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